3 Reasons to Grow Your Transcription Business with Referrals [The Perfect Transcriptionist]


As a transcriber, you can earn more money working with referrals and in turn, grow your business. A client who refers your services to others is saying, “I had a good experience working with you and do not mind telling someone else about your company. You were professional and provided excellent customer service.”

This blog post will address the benefits of receiving referrals.

Referral – an act of referring someone or something for consultation, review, or further action.

Never underestimate the value of a customer who says “Thank you” and refers you to a potential client. These  potential clients are called ‘referrals’.

Referrals are a key element to growing your transcription practice or freelance career.

Benefits of Growing your Transcription Business with Referrals

Referral marketing allows your customers to become your company’s supporters by suggesting your brand to their friends and family.  Here are some benefits of getting referrals.

  • Clients trust referrals – people are inclined to purchase from someone they trust
  • Increase your marketing reach [targeted audience] – no limits to your client sharing your services with a friend or family member; diverse circle of friends which allows you to increase your client base
  • Cost of marketing decreases – current clients market for you, in turn the price to market goes down

Disadvantages of referrals

While the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, we thought it to be fitting to share disadvantages with you.

  • You are unable to control the ‘type’ of clients you get – because referrals are ‘word of mouth’ based marketing, you have no way of knowing if the referrals matches your ideal client
  • You may be locked in your prices – it may be difficult to increase your rates when dealing with referrals

Keep in mind:

The best way to get a client to refer your services to friends, family and other associates is by earning their confidence. This means you need to provide high-quality services and/or products. You will need to develop excellent customer service skills, and make your offer at a fair price.

Do not be afraid to ask for referrals from your clients. Some business owners forget or are afraid to ask. I was petrified to ask for a referral. I learned that satisfied clients are more than happy to share referrals with you. Ask for referrals.

If you want to be the best transcriber on the planet, and remain the best transcription service provider for your clients, give them a reason to think about you often. Reward the people who take the time to give you a referral. You can offer a simple “Thank You” email, a gift certificate, or a discount on future services.

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Your turn 

Do you have any insight on getting referrals to grow your business?

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