3 Things That Will Definitely Kill Your Business #ThePerfectTranscriptionist

“If you build it, it will come!”

This statement is not necessarily true. Unless you’re a celebrity or own a magic wand, building ‘IT’ and waiting for ‘IT’ to come is not going to happen. Building a general transcription business takes dedication and hard work of writing great content, networking and being determined to succeed. However, not doing so will result in not reaching your goals and ultimately winning at what you do. This blog post describes the three things that can ultimately kill the growth and success of your general transcription business.

1. Combining your personal life with your business – You should never mix your personal life with your business life. In my opinion, this is a sure-fire way to kill all of your efforts of reaching potential clients. Sharing posts of what you did with so and so last night and how much fun you had at the hottest club or that you went to a nude resort will most likely paint a grim picture to your potential prospects which will force them to shop elsewhere. I see this a lot on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram.

Remedy: Create a profile for your business and one for your personal life. Don’t post personal information on your business profile and vice versa.

2. Inconsistent – This is probably the biggest culprit of online dream killers – not being consistent. You can shop anywhere you want, at any store while online, but how likely are you to shop on a website that contains outdated information? You won’t! You’ll move on to a reliable site spend your money. So not being consistent in updating your business information, description of products and services, sales and promotions could definitely kill your business.

Remedy: Schedule time to update your website and stick to it. If you’re the discipline type-this can work.

3. Being someone you’re not – Being someone you’re not is the worst thing you can do as a new business owner. Transparency is important when building your business. Potential clients (and even your clients) need to see you for who you are and what you can do. This is why it’s necessary to develop healthy relationships when you’re networking in the very beginning. Advertise just what you can accomplish. Period.

Remedy: Be truthful about your skill level and experience.

Someone is always looking at your work online. The worst thing you can do is combine your personal life with your business profiles and to be someone you are not.

YOUR TURN! What else could kill your business?

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