Learn how to be the Best Transcriber on the Planet.

We made it easy for you in these books. Read what it took for us [The Perfect Transcriptionist] to succeed as a transcription company.

There are hundreds of transcribers working online; hundreds. How will you be different from them? How will you stand out? We’d like to challenge you to implement a marketing strategy as you begin to build your transcription business or your career as a freelance transcriber.

Who are your competitors? Who are your potential clients and where are they? Are you developing positive relationships with them? Do you have a niche’? Do you have a marketing plan? Do you see yourself as a leader or an employee? These are just a few of the many questions that need to be answered as you pursue your career as a transcriber. The Perfect Transcriptionist will work with you to set goals and reach them. 

“The Best Transcriber on the Planet” Volumes I and II – These books contain incredibly VALUABLE information that will make starting your business so much easier. These are things we had to learn the hard way—and yes, it took time, energy, and money, but you do not have to because we have OUTLINED it all for you right here. You’ll discover if your skills are enough to start this business, or if you have everything you need to start working and so much more. We’ve even provided some incredible tips on how to find your first clients to earn the money you deserve.

“The Best Transcriber on the Planet” Interactive Playbook – it doesn’t matter if you’re thinking about working as a freelance transcriber or you plan on running a transcription company, our “The Best Transcriber on the Planet eBook and Playbook will help bridge the gap between you and the potential clients that awaits.  You can print the pages or work directly in the book from your computer or phone!


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