Four Tips for Generating Quality Transcriptions [The Perfect Transcriptionist]

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There are several tips that could help generate quality transcriptions. For the sake of this blog post, I’m listing four of them.

Transcription is not just about typing what you hear. Rather, it’s an art that is mastered by skilled transcribers.

Here are four great tips that you can incorporate in your transcribing routine to ensure quality.
  • Research and correct inaudible[s]. Your file may be challenged with technical terms, or the speakers in the file may have an accent. It’s important to process this accordingly. If it’s a term you’re unfamiliar with, Google it to check for meaning and correct spelling. If it’s a hard accent that you’re having a difficult time making out, it’s recommended to use time-stamped inaudible brackets or ask your client. Ex: [inaudible 0:00:00]. It’s important that the transcript is crisp and clean of errors. Trust me, your clients will appreciate this. 
  • Adjust your accuracy. Sharpness, skillfulness, efficiency and preciseness are just some synonyms for ‘accuracy’. Keep in mind, this blog is based on the English language. Accuracy comes before speed when you’re doing this type of work. Accuracy is important and the speed will come later. You will need to be totally skilled in pronunciation and grammar. Always make it a point to prioritize accuracy over speed..
  • Always proofread your work. I have found errors after proofreading my work. It’s poor practice to submit work that has not been proofread to your client. You need to review each assignment to make sure that every sentence and every paragraph matches the audio/video.
  • Enjoy transcribing. Enjoy your work! I love it. Love what you do. Transcribing can be fun and rewarding. It can bring you a lot of success. For me, running by business and working as a transcriber brought me peace and happiness. So, I repeat, transcribing can be fun and rewarding!

Side note: Producing exceptional transcripts in a timely fashion, in my opinion, is key to success in this business. It doesn’t matter how large your clientele is if your work is shoddy and you’ve missed deadlines. 

If you’re serious about making a career as a transcriber, devote time in the best training. That way, you’ll become the best transcriber on the planet! Or the best transcriptionist on the planet.

Your turn. Do you have a tip to share with new transcribers?

Check your work before delivering to your client.

“You need to review each assignment to make sure that every sentence and every paragraph matches the audio/video. “


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