Our Ebooks and Why You Should Order Them [The Perfect Transcriptionist]

“How to be the Best Transcriber on the Planet”

We started this amazing entrepreneurial journey over 15 years ago. We started from ground ZERO, and can remember a time when getting clients was tough. So we decided to write these books to share our stories of what worked and what didn’t. You’ll also read our desire for you to become an entrepreneur in the transcription industry.

Okay, here’s why you should read them!

These ebooks have incredibly VALUABLE information that will make starting a transcription business so much easier. They are excellent tools for freelance transcribers, too. If we had a dollar for everything we had to learn on our own, the hard way, we’d probably be billionaires…lol.  So yeah, it took time, energy, patience, and determination to get where we are. (I wanted to say it took blood, sweat and tears.) 

We made the process of marketing your transcription business or freelancer career an easy process. In these ebooks are examples of how to market your business, creating project agreements, and how to communicate with your clients. We’ll even give you some pretty incredible tips on how to find your first clients by using some of our marketing techniques. It’s all laid out for you in these easy-to-read ebooks. 

Here’s the best part! One of these ebooks is an interactive marketing workbook. We created it to help you brainstorm where you stand with your potentials and your competition. How do you stand out? What makes you different? Why would someone hire you? These are very important questions that every business owner should ask themselves. This playbook can be printed out or completed online or on your phone.


We really wish there had been someone there to guide us, to tell us how to bid and win clients, and how to keep them coming back for more, but there wasn’t. Today, we want to share our JOY and help new entrepreneurs like you. ORDER YOUR COPIES TODAY! They are on sale but won’t be for long. 


Two ebooks and an interactive Playbook for $25!

Teambynes.com is a website for individuals looking to enhance their general transcription skills. You’re probably saying to yourself, “I know how to type, but what else is there?” We’ll share our knowledge, expertise and resources; everything there is to learn about the general transcription industry.

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