Proofreading and Transcribing Goes Hand In Hand [The Perfect Transcriptionist]

Working as a Transcriber 

Working as a transcriber requires you to proofread your transcription. Proofreading your work is necessary as it enhances the quality of your work. Mistakes can never be avoided when transcribing, so it is important to proofread after every transcription job. [Basic transcription rules 101] 

One of the main goals about transcription is to provide an accurate transcription to your client. Clients who receive badly transcribed documents with typos and improper grammar will communicate with you that they want a refund or would want you to do the work over. They probably will not hire you again, so its very important to check your work before submission.

Being a professional transcriber takes time and effort. One cannot easily become a professional transcriber simply by knowing how to type and listen accordingly. Transcribing is a skill that is mastered with time and with conscious efforts to develop it. Proofreading is part of that skill and goes hand in hand with being an efficient and an effective worker.

Here are some guidelines to consider when proofreading a transcript:

 Always consider the clients’/customers’ needs on his/her request to have a file transcribed. Clients have different needs and you must cater to them based on their instructions and how they want the outcome to look like. How they are going to use the transcript is also important to know so that you can customize based on their uses of it.

Consistency. When proofreading, double check the formatting, layout and style of your transcript to make sure that they are consistent all throughout the document.

Correctness. As you proofread the completed transcript, always check for spelling, pronunciation, format, and grammar. Make sure to consider the correctness of the whole document when proofreading.

Fatigue. It’s not recommended to be tired when working on a transcription project. You’d be surprised at what you will miss when you’re transcribing and proofing a file. Be mindful of your energy levels and adjust your schedule if need be. Avoid burnout.

In this ever-changing world where time is very valuable, people may overlook the little details just to accomplish a project, task, or job. Transcribers are no exception in this. Quality should not be compromised over quantity and if quality is not to be compromised, proofreading is as important as transcribing.

I’ve worked with contractors who for the sake of time, turned in their work without proofreading. In turn, they were asked to re-do the assignment. If they were unable to, I was left to do the task. Proofreading is very important and can make or break your career as a freelancer transcriber.

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