“The Perfect” Course [Perfect Transcriptionist]

“The Perfect” Transcription Course

Seriously, we’re being funny with the title, but we’re not. What would be the ‘perfect’ transcription course that you could take right now? What learning models would this course need to have that would benefit you in becoming a transcriber?

In my opinion, you already know how to transcribe. You’re typing what you hear, no matter how fast or slow your pace, you’re typing. So, what you’re looking to learn is structure, policies, rules, marketing, security and confidentiality when working as transcriber. Am I right so far?






I don’t need to tell you that nothing IS PERFECT.  However, [The Perfect Transcriptionist] is exploring the possibilities of creating a ‘next to perfect‘ online course for anyone interested in building a successful career as a transcriber.

I’ve seen so many websites that advertise transcription courses that only covers the fundamentals of being a transcriber. The basics. While the basics are valuable and vital, it’s not enough. The Perfect Transcriptionist brand aspires to offer products that will educate past the basics of being a transcriber.

We want your opinion to what you consider to be the ‘perfect’ transcription online course. Your answers will be greatly considered. We may even use your idea!

Why would anyone take an online course anyway?

  • Simple. To be the ‘Best Transcriber on the Planet’!
    • The ‘Best’ earns more
      • The ‘Best’ grows more




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