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Importance of having a business tool-kit

Starting a transcription business can be challenging. You’ve got the will and motivation to make your small business succeed, but you don’t necessarily have the proper tools, or the right tools you need to help you get there. This is why we are going to share our toolkit with you; tools we use in every department or facet of our business. We believe this toolkit will make running your small business easier and give you the edge you need to reach your small business goals.

Having the right tools for your business promotes growth and success. The right business tools in place can help you stay competitive, make insightful decisions, further target marketing efforts, and improve real-time customer service.

Over the course of our years in business, we’ve tried different tools to streamline our daily operations. We finally figured out what worked and what didn’t. Keep in mind that as times change and technology upgrades, so should your tools. For example, we discovered the tools that worked for us in 2014 was no longer beneficial to us in 2019.


The Perfect Transcriptionist will be working on a list of the tools we are currently using that we are happy to share with you. Subscribe to this blog so that you don’t miss this list!

Define Your Objectives

Before choosing the tool you’re going to use, clearly define and determine what your objectives are.

Assess Your Current Situation

Find out what works and what isn’t.

Do Some Housecleaning

Simplifying and tidying up your data. is a website for individuals looking to enhance their general transcription skills. You’re probably saying to yourself, “I know how to type, but what else is there?” We’ll share our knowledge, expertise and resources; everything there is to learn about the general transcription industry.

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