True Story! Possessed Files [The Perfect Transcriptionist]

Short Story ~ Possessed Transcription Files

True story! I transcribed what I thought were some pretty graphic and disturbing files. One time, I swore the set of files I had were possessed. The quality of the audio files were poor. I was having trouble hearing what the interviewee was saying. One day, I heard growling. I immediately ripped the headset from my ear and then placed them back on my head and ear in disbelief. “No, I didn’t just hear growling. Nope.” I continued to listen and yep, growling. I emailed my client and asked her if she heard anything weird or unusual. She stated that she hadn’t. I needed the job at the time so I placed my headset near my ears and finished the project. What was strange was the fact that these files were from someone working on their dissertation. Anyway, I did not want to continue the work but I accepted it and signed the project agreement.

The problem is that I did not review the project before I committed. This happened when I was a new transcriber and seriously looking for work.

Check your ‘new’ projects before saying YES. You don’t have to accept every job and the wrong job could have ‘haunting’ effects.


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