Why You Need To Research When You Are Transcribing [The Perfect Transcriptionist]

Research is Power!

Being a transcriber requires skill, talent and a passion for this kind of work. Being able to type isn’t the only skill that is involved in transcribing. And settling for little nuances like not being familiar with unusual words is no excuse for turning in shoddy work.

Today, we’re going to shed a little light on the Importance of researching. To deliver quality results, you will need to search the internet [or current reference books] for correct spelling of important or stand out names, and/or the names of group affiliations [people, places and things. 

“Settling for little nuances like not being familiar with unusual words is no excuse for turning in shoddy work..”

Let’s keep going…
It can’t be avoided that you’ll encounter certain words that may be foreign or new to you. The worst thing you can do is hand the client back the completed transcript without doing your due diligence. We call this move a career killer, a disaster waiting to happen. In other words, this practice of not searching for information for validation could end your career as a transcriber.
Clients DO NOT WANT to have to go behind you to correct errors they paid you to do. You can guarantee they’ll never call you again. 

Freelancers with web research experience prior to transcribing can use this to their advantage. You already have the skill of ‘looking’ and you’d know where to look as opposed to someone who hasn’t a clue of where to begin. It’s highly recommended to learn as much as you can about the transcription industry. Another thing to do would be to practice, practice. We’re not asking you to practice for speed. This will come later. You’re being asked to practice to increase efficiency and productivity.
With Bynes Transcript and Typing Services, it’s imperative for the freelancers we work with to be efficient and have a high accuracy rate. We expect this from every single team member in our organization. 
CONSIDER THIS A GOLDEN NUGGET FOR YOUR NEXT PROJECT: Look first, do your research, practice, practice and practice.
Recommendations: We strongly recommend anyone NOT to get into this type of work just for the money. This reason has the propensity to affect work quality. We need focused and highly passionate folks who love what they do.

ITS YOUR TURN! Give us your reason why research is important as a transcriber!

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