Your Focus Should Be on Marketing Your Transcription Business!


How far ahead have your thought about your transcription business?

With all that’s going on in the world right now, a paycheck is almost a rarity. Thousands of people have been laid off and are continuing to be laid off by the day as well as businesses have been forced to close. This economic crisis, I’m afraid is not over. I’m not here to depress you, but to remind you that even though times are bleak, we [transcribers] still have work to do. What I’m about to say to you, you may think is impossible.

Market your transcription business!

Market your business! Do not stop networking and missing opportunities to work. The work may have decreased, but it has not dried up. Our focus and our goal must be about getting in front of potential clients. You might be saying to yourself, ‘what potential clients?’ Yes, I know this pandemic has made it difficult for people to find work or even run their business, but rest assured the creative geniuses have not given up. They are incessant about finding ways to earn money and finding ways to tell their story.

This is where you, the transcriber come in. You will help them tell their story by providing transcription support. However, for people to find you, you must be diligent to stay front of your target audience.

Another thing to consider is to take a look at some of your sub-services that you may not be selling at the moment, like typing or writing services. Do an overall sweep of your company to see what changes or upgrades can be made at this time. Have faith that the economy will rise again.

Transcribers will not be defeated!!


What are you doing to market your business?

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